On the verge of distruction

Its Wednesday, which means its time for my weekly rant. Still no baseball and still as grumpy as ever. I sit her trying to contemplate what my rant may be about. The season remains in question and so does Domingo Germans future.

Frankly, I want this overrated pile of human trash off this team. He had nearly triple the run support that Sonny Gray had during his awful time in NY. German had a over 4 ERA, with some control issues. He was alright but is very much replaceable. Then he hit a woman.

We are the NY Yankees and we stand for class and the prestige that comes with such. We have a stupid hair and facial hair policy for that reason and yet we are okay having a women abuser on this team. We are not the Houston Assturds we actually stand for something.

I disliked German before these issues came out and I really would rather see King, Clarke, Louasiga, and or Monty or German ever again. Do we get baseball back this year? I pray we do. Today is April 1st, with a sad Jackie Robinson day(My Bday) approaching but with no baseball in sight. I am sad. Its the 1st time in decades for me without baseball. That’s uncomfortable!

If we have no baseball, does the German suspension carry over to next year. I don’t think it would but it should. Would have to look at the CBA but I’m sure they would have an issue with such but if no baseball happens, Mookie Betts is a FA without ever playing for the dodgers.

German is straight poop! Hes on the manshits list of turds for me. I talk so much junk on Clint “Red Blunder” Fraizer but I respect him fair more then the turds on the manshits list. Heres the list why not.

The Manshits List of shitheads:




Vanilla Ice




Harvey Weinshits

All the Kardashians but not Bruce

I don’t like them and I don’t care if you do just don’t get mad that i think they are all shitty people. The list is longer but you get the point. I also hate cottage cheese and and people who back into spots in a garage while refusing to move for you a person who parks in 20 seconds!

German you suck and so does your change up! I have nothing left to say about you, just leave my team you bum!

Baseball Movies to die for!

Who doesn’t love a good Baseball movie?! Beyond Baseball and history, I spend the rest of my time watching movies and then I like to rant about them. This is the grunttalks staff, top 5 movies to die for. In this article, you will hear from Samantha, Michael and me about some of our favorite baseball films, many of which are on Netflix right now!

Money ball is a pile of crap, that lies to the casual fan about key historical events by changing the timeline. They also failed to mention that the Oakland A’s had a top 3 rotation with a CY young winner and the MVP. Money Ball is likely Manshits, favorite movie. He loves to lie and ruin the game in the way that movie did!

These are feel good movies. In no order, here is Michaels favorite for the GruntTalks top 5.

Sandlot (1993)

If this movie isn’t in your top 5 baseball movies of all times your either too old, too young or dead. This cult classic staring Scottie “Smalls” and his band of very different and uniquely funny friends takes place in the summer of 1962. Aside from some serious Hollywood heavy weights playing some insignificant roles, this movie is all about the kids and “the Beast.”

What made this movie so relatable to me was the kids. We saw a little bit of ourselves in each of these characters. Whether you though you were Benny “the Jet”, Hamilton Porter, Smalls, “Yeah Yeah” the Twins, Squints or any of the other characters you could relate. Being in 5th grade is hard and moving at that age- devastating. So, as you follow along with Scottie as he finds friends, tries to bond with his stepdad, loses an autographed baseball by “the Sultan of Swat” himself and propels Benny into the stuff of legends any kid or adult should enjoy the ride. Plus, as far as baseball movies go you learn a lot of important tips along the way- My favorite being to keep your eye on the ball, literally.

Its good, clean and wholesome fun that is timeless. James Earl Jones makes for a feel-good surprise and no matter how many times I watch this one- it never gets old! Plus, anytime “the Great Bambino” himself makes a guest appearance in a movie- it’s got to be good. So if you haven’t seen this one- watch it. If you have, watch it again. I’ve probably seen this film 100 times and watch it everytime its on.

Through the years they have tried (and failed miserably) to make multiple sequels. Disney Plus is working on a TV series that would feature the original cast- that might be something I could get behind.

Michael #thefoodguy

Stay tuned and stay hungry!

I love the Sandlot and its a great transition for my favorite as a child……….

Angels in the Outfield (1994)

Frankly this is one of the greatest movies period. I am still surprised when I see the kid is Joseph Gordon Levitt, I forget the second i finish watching. This foster kid has a dream of his family being reunited, a dream his shitty dad said would come true if the Angels would make the World Series. I like how realistic it is, as the Angels are always the worst team and need real Angels to save them. Its just a great family movie with an insanely great cast and final message. If you haven’t seen it, i am very much judging you!

Samantha’s pick is in!

For the love of the game (1999)

I watch a lot of movies, some happen to baseball movies and one of my absolute favorites happens to be “For Love of the Game”. Narrated by the iconic Vin Scully, the movie follows Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner) trying to achieve one of the greatest achievements a pitcher can accomplish in his career: A Perfect Game. Naturally, to make it even more dramatic, he’s up against a potent New York Yankees lineup pitching in Yankee Stadium. As an aging pitcher in his final year, dealing with disabling injuries, he’s David vs. the imposing Goliath. All that keeps him calm is his romantic relationship shown through flashbacks. This movie will tug at your heartstrings and you’re with Billy through every pitch. Will he or won’t he attain baseball immortality? You’ll just have to watch the movie to see! 😉

😘 Samantha aka Baseball Chic

A league of there own (1992)

“There’s no crying in baseball”. For many this is the greatest ever made, for me it might also be the greatest cast assembled in a baseball movie. Its gets so much right about one of the more interesting decades in baseball. These were the woman who replaced players like Ted Williams. This was a fantastic finalization of what those women went through during WWII, and who doesn’t love Tom Hanks.

Major league (1985)

Wild thing! Pedro Sarano! Willie Mays Hays! Perhaps the most fun and entertaining movie on this list. I love everything about it. Just a very solid feel good movie with heart. All the characters are entertaining and the plot is interesting enough. Who doesn’t love a fictional story that could be real. Cleveland sucks in all sports, but they have loyal fans and it was fun to see the Indians win something! I could watch this over and over again.

Honorable mentions:


Bang the drum slowly

Trouble with the Curve

Rookie of the Year


Field of Drums sucks and I don’t care if i am the only one willing to say it! This is my article deal with it!

See you next week for top 5 Baseball related songs! GruntTeam out!

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This week in MLB history

This week Monday march 30 to Thursday April 2nd, we have a ton of fascinating events. Last week, the poll question seemed to float by with very few voting. That annoys the Rant man greatly! How dare you all! This week in this article, I will have two events for each day. By the end of the week the grunt talks team will vote on between the two most interesting and i will reveal it in Fridays history blog! Maybe we will bring back the polls one day.

Here are this weeks events:

Thursday April 2nd: 

1969 After Donn Clendenon refuses to report to his new team after being traded, along with Jesus Alou to the Astros; the Expos resign their reluctant first baseman. Montreal will send Jack Billingham, Skip Guinn, and $100,000 to the Astros to complete the deal that brings Rusty Staub north of the border.

2002 In his major league debut, right-hander Jon Rauch of the White Sox pitches a perfect 1.1 innings in a 7-4 loss to the Mariners at Safeco Field. The 6′-11″ Louisville, Kentucky native, who was a member of the 2000 U.S. Olympic team, becomes the tallest pitcher to appear in a big league game.

Wednesday April 1st:

1996 Nationalpastime.com appears for the first time on the internet. The popular website is the first to feature baseball history on a daily basis.

2002 Cinci Freedom, who evaded capture for ten days after jumping a six-foot fence to avoid slaughter, is excused from her scheduled appearance in the Reds’ traditional Opening Day parade. Before the Reds’ 5-4 walk-off victory over the Cubs at Cinergy Field, the Charolais cow, after receiving a key to the city, is deemed too jumpy to participate in the Findlay Market activities.

Tuesday March 31:

1998Mark McGwire hits the first of his historic seventy home runs when he goes deep off Ramon Martinez in the fifth inning of the Cardinals’ 6-0 victory over L.A. at Busch Stadium. The Redbirds’ first baseman becomes the first player in franchise history to hit a grand slam on Opening Day.  

1996For the first time in history, the major league season opens with a game played in the month of in March. At the Kingdome, the Mariners beat the White Sox in 12 innings, 3-2.

Monday March 30:

1993After 43 years, Peanuts character Charlie Brown finally hits a home run, a game-winning round-tripper batting against his nemesis Royanne Hobbs. Almost ten percent of the nearly 18,000 Peanuts strips created by Charles Schulz focused on baseball.

2001 In the East Room, President George W. Bush, former owner of the Rangers, tells a group of Hall of Famers he is sending an invitation to kids from all over the nation to play baseball on the White House lawn. The Commander in Chief has ordered the construction of a junior-size baseball field outside the Oval Office.

All info is from Nationalpastime.com

I look forward to writing the Friday article, please participate, tell me what you want to read or hear me rant about. I am all ears! Love history, one day you will become it!

In the land of rage

In the land of rage equality seemed to be a lost dream for many. Segregation was repentant and though as a nation they went to war together, they came back to the hate that never died. The year was 1945 and the Jim Crow laws were still enacted. The color barrier loomed large with no end in sight.

Two heros sat quietly waiting for there time in history. The one that we know of is Jackie Robinson, the man who did break the color barrier for African Americans when he took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1946 season. We know about Jackie. The other was a white pitcher by the name of Edward Klep. He is the complete opposite of jackie in character and demeanor but he too had a dream to break that barrier.

This fight for equality was about to burst on to the baseball field at the same time. The amount of hate both recieved would destroy most. Now in 2020 during a time in which the Astros were caught cheating, the fans haven’t even abused the players in the way Jackie and Edward were.

A time in which death treats, were more easily acted upon and a time in which the hate was all around. Both hated but for slightly different reasons, Edward more so for his character traits or lack there of. He was a womanizer and alcoholic, which would send him to jail later in life.

His mark on his was but a small one. He lasted only 3 games over 7 innings with two victories. Having grown up in Erie Pa, Edward had always played interracial baseball. Though his information is limited and vague, I view Edward as a hero. Many seemed to question why he was doing it, stating that perhaps he was so bad at baseball it would be his only shot in the negro leagues. Others say it was a gimmick.

In the article: A Robinson in reverse by Johnathon Tilove, C.2005 Newhouse news service, Klep is described as a washout with a temper and huge character flaws. Rather the opposite of how Jackie is portrayed in history. Years after his Cleveland Buckeye days, Klep would put on a new uniform. State prison uniform, and would later die in the 1980s of alcoholism. But before all that he had his brief mark in history which also included a song about him, “the ballard of Edward Klep”.

Fear existed on both sides and throughout the civil rights movements people on both sides were silent when they should have spoke and loud when they should have been silent. Jackie and Edward fought through that silence and in a year broke that barrier. Jackie is a hero, but so is Edward to many who remember what he did. He was hated for abandoning his race and hated for fighting for an issue that seemed to be none of his business to many.

We often don’t look at the other side of the battle but in this case we must. Edward was hated, attacked and condemned for what he tried to do. He was lied to, looked down upon and betrayed. Was he a good player so it seems but the mission he had was perhaps to large for the people viewing it. Jackie was loved by those who understood what he stood for. Edward had no fan base, he had issues and perhaps those issues killed his career before it started.

His history is roughly forgotten from the lost years of baseball prestige and in the shadows of Jackie Robinson. His small mark however stands out in the minds of true baseball lovers who can see and praise what he attempted to do. A horrible time in this country, and yet he dared to stand against the backlash of inequality in an attempt to rid us of it.

After those three games the Cleveland Buckeyes released Klep, stating failure to perform up to expectations. Many feel that was a lie to rid themselves of the backlash. It was a pain, Edward had been arrested at times and was removed from at least one game and told to sit in the “whites only section.”.

Extremely angry and bitter, Klep returned home to Erie Pa. His alcoholism took over and he began a life of petty crime which in the end destroyed him and his stamp on history.

Through all the hate, vigor, and turmoil a true American hero stood strong, that was Edward Klep.

Lies from above!

We know what the Astros did and we know what Manfred failed to do, but what exactly do we know about the Red Sox scandal? Very little? We had a time frame in which the league and Manfred were going to answer those questions….

Its about to be April and they still haven’t. Though, I understand things have changed with coronavirus and the canceling of spring. What i don’t understand is that the time frame was passed before coronavirus affected it. Its an excuse really. Why has the time table changed. Likely because there is no rush now but two months ago we were a week or two from knowing.

The punishment will be a light one, so perhaps they feel no reason to disclose anything at this moment. I fail to see why its taking so long beyond little excuses that have no good reason. Manshits has lied to us multiple times since becoming commissioner, he bashed his own trophy by calling it a piece of mental. He is a weak leader and a dishonest one. If you give a time frame you make the time frame. Manturds, is by far the biggest loser from all these scandals as he not only let them happen but did nothing when the public and players issued outrage. The only reason Houston had to speak up is because of how blatantly caught they were.

I expect nothing from any of this people in charge. Are we shocked, hell no! Baseball has mishandled all there scandals from the Black Sox to the Assturds! The thing that strikes me most about all this is the fact that the Red Sox are refusing to say they cheated. The Astros admitted it early on. I feel the punishment will be light but imminent. I want to know more in lines of what they did. We know very little, and its very vague. The time frame at this point is concerning because it feels as if Manpoopy refuses to do what he says in the time frame in which he offers. I just want an honest leader who will stand by the game I base my life on.

That person should not be Man💩. It should be someone who can put the best product on the field while protecting the game. He should be removed from his role as he is beyond incompetent. The financial aspect means very little to fans, whereas that piece of metal means the world!

Gardner a god?

In 08′ he broke on to the Yankees and I instantly loved him. A hard work ethic, speed, some pop, and great D. He is exactly the type of player most teams need. In the late 90s and early 00, it was Paul O’Neil. Then it was Brett Gardner. He holds himself to a high standard, he pushes teammates and he never gives up despite the fact that fans still question his value.

His value to me is priceless. You can not convince me otherwise, do not try. Trust me don’t try, its not worth it for you. He has given everything to this team for well over a decade and frankly it pisses me off that I have to defend his honor daily!

On twitter today, fellow grunt talker Samantha asked the following question. “Which Yankees player would you want as a travel companion during a zombie Apocalypse?”

Without hesitation, lets hang with Brett. Brett bangs! First off, we are both beautiful bald men with tempers and the desire to always win! Second, Brett isn’t scared of anything, not even a gross stalker. He’s not scared of zombies, he’s more scared of the crazies….Brett would be a 1st ballot HOF zombie slayer and is needed on my team. He destroyed out dugout, and would use that special power to destroy zombies! Plus unlike Manny Poopchado, Brett would hustle. You need hustle in a zombie war. I’m not picking Red Blunder, he’d only be affective on offense anyway. I’d use Rodders as a decoy so he’s probably getting eaten 1st, but not me and my best friend Brett!

Brett is the greatest to ever live, that’s a fact! Facts are the best and can’t be wrong! Fact he deserves like 20 gold gloves even though its not possible. Also i hate Alex Gordon, he steals Brett’s gold gloves like Altuve did the MVP! May 11th is hereby Brett Bangs day, I want parades and anything Brett likes. A statue outside every major city, dedicated to his godliness.

He works so hard and that is what I have always admired. Won’t let me down as the zombies creep in. He was a walk on in college and his coach said nobody works harder. I want that work ethic on my team always. Many of you twitter bums disrespect brett and its unacceptable! We are lucky to have him! Oh we would travel the world saving you all from the zombies. Id even try to say Red Blunder, but if he went full zombie….. bye bye blunder!

Brett is my hero and in times of zombies, let Brett bang!

Weekly Rant!

Nothing is happening but Football news. I have never been so bored in my life to the point that I have very little to rant about. Each week seems slower then the last as if time is actually standing still. As i attempt to find other interests, it just brings me back to the fact that all I love are sports. I need sports. Until you live this prison sentence that we are in you can possibly dream up how bad it really is.

My ps4 is broken and so is my heart. So broken that my rant seems so meaningless. I’ve been so bored that i made a fantasy league just to draft, then i reset it and drafted twice more. Didn’t help still bored. Food has lost its flavor and I will lose it if another person sneezes near me. All we have is NFL free agency and frankly I just don’t care. Glad Brady is gone from the Pats but without baseball, I just dont care.

Here’s what pisses me off! The Mets, I wanted to mock them all year and that good on paper only roster. Now i have to sit and wait hoping baseball will even come back. Will it? Who knows but its been two weeks with no sports and it feels like a life time. The Mets most interesting player is Tim Tebow, other then Tim. I don’t care. I have no faith in that front office to manage a franchise that can go anywhere. They are petty and delusional. Even with all this disdain towards a poorly run franchise, I’d do anything to watch them now.

Life is boring to the point that I have very little to say or complain about. You know something is wrong when I have nothing to rant about. Stay safe, I truly mean that.

Judge is the size of a moose

A Large moose. If you hit Judge in the middle of the night with your car, well time to buy a new car. Judge would be fine unless you drove a hummer but a Prius? His workout routine is probably smashing prius with his bare hands. He has always been big but over the years the gentle giant seems to have turned on beast mode in his workout routine. His shoulders are the size of a truck hire and that scares me as we see his injures get bigger. Do we blame the staff or the players? I don’t blame anyone, he is a 6’7 giant given to us by the baseball gods.

When he burst onto the scene in late 2016 he struggled but through that he learned to make adjustments. These adjustments paid off huge when he won rookie of the year in 2017. He should have won MVP, but “Al Booooo Ve”, the glorified ChildBoyBaby stole that too. Al Boo Ve is the size of my legs he is lucky if he can see my nipples. He is so small he doesn’t make the height requirement for rides in kiddy land at amusement parks. This however is an article about a god, not some short loser in Houston.

This god is built on a 6’7 frame, with huge amounts of strength and power. To me he compares best to current teammate Giancarlo Stanton. What happens when two of the biggest muscle mass figures end up playing together? They subcontionaly compete and in that comes more muscle mass. In that comes more issues. He looks huge. Now in 2020, at the age of 27 with free agency looming 4 years away questions must be answered.

In 2017 he was big, now he seems to be even bigger and that is judging off a few pictures and workout routines. His muscle mass has clearly grown and with that have come many injuries. Well we have seen the same with Stanton and as stated they have similar body types and similar injuries. That is an issue for me. Its also not a coincidence. His shoulders to me look jacked in the way that Stanton’s are.

Baseball to me is an agile sport not a power sport. Is power needed yes but the problem was never power and it seems they continue to beast mode on things that are strengths and that is leading to injuries. Stanton had roughly no issues until New York. He has also always been a power guy but again something is not adding up beyond his huge body as to why this continues to happen. Looking through all these pictures, its not even just Stanton and Judge. Mike Ford went from looking like Uncle Mikey the beer league HR champion to a jacked up body builder. He need athleticism over pure strength, strength tightens and we need to be loose.

This time off is a blessing and so might be a shortened season. It feels as it the Yankees and Judge will benefit hugely from this. We have no time table to return and though I pray its in April, May and even June seem very likely. We have a team of body building moose wranglers, but to me we need a balance. DJLM was that balance last year and Andujar, Torres or even Clint may be that this year. If Clint Fraizer can figure out his defense, he instantly becomes a threat. He looks like a ball player and with a more agile body seems to avoid certain injuries that others can’t. To me he is Red Blunder, until he changes both his OF skills and his mindset about them.

All this will factor into the Yankees plans with Judge when he is a free agent at age 31. Perhaps a position change will occur, if the injuries continue so will the doubts that grow. The next four seasons will come with questions and perhaps difficult answers. Perhaps 1st or DH will become a reality for Judge in the not so distant future. Stanton should already be the DH and when we get back, i expect that is more of the case then it was thought to be.

Power is a strength for these two giants and working on a strength as hard as they have may have lead to issues elsewhere. Baseball players are like i said loose and agile. Relying on pure power is a mistake, one that i have seen as both continue to grow physically. Being that big is not normal, its an anomaly and it takes far more care to handle then others.

Why did Stanton seem fine in Miami? Why has he had 6 plus injuries in his 2 years with the Yankees and how can we prevent them? The answer to me is unclear. Maybe overblown and over analysed but the size that makes them a strength to me is also a weakness. Power for us in the mid-late 1990’s, was there but I never felt we were built on it in the way that we are now. Nobody seems jacked, they all felt to be balanced. Slender, lanky, fast, agile and with that came the power. I love this team and I love what they are attempting to do but there are concerns over size and muscle mass for me.

Judge and Stanton are 6’7 tanks and that simply means more maintenance goes into them then say that bum Altuve who can’t see over the steering wheel in a car…. hard to keep tanks healthy which is why a lot of the tanks in the 90s and 00s did so well, steroids kept simple injuries from impacting them. Its too much movement for two guys that big. They break down and that is why I see 1st and DH in the future.

This team is special, and the talent on it is full of potential. I believe we will see that potential shine this year and over the next decade. With a deep farm focused on P and OF, we are in good hands. The Yankees have been special since Judge stole our hearts in 2017. We love him and we need him. With a positive mindset, I hope his size isn’t really an issue. I hope I’m wrong and i hope he leads us to 28! Seeing Judge in any form is special, and this time off should be a huge help in getting him back and fresh.

Perhaps the size issues will me nothing when he gets back. Here’s hoping he crushes the ball in a fierce rage, the likes of which we saw in 2017. One thing is for certain, the Yankees are ready to win it all in 2020!


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