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Ticket giveaways:

When we get to 100 subs on YouTube. We will pick 1 of those 100 randomly to go or to join us at a game! 2 Tickets for the winner!

Baseball is life!

Will also do ticket giveaways and other giveaways to NHL/NBA/NFL games.

Stay tuned! We want to know who you fans are, get involved because this a show by crazy fans for the fans.

Lets turn this into a family!

Please send any game pictures or yankees pictures or anything yankees related to evanwetzel2@gmail, if you want them posted on here maybe! Tell us stories, let us know why baseball is you’re life?!

Baseball forum for all of us fans to get more out of the game of baseball and of each othe

As Far as games goes we might have playoff tickets giveaways too, get ready!

Be safe, be nice!


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Two bros talking sports. Born on Jackie Robinson day in 1988, I was destined to love baseball. My passion for sports meets CJs love for stats. This is 27 Down, the perfect podcast for the Perfect game.

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