Judge is the size of a moose

A Large moose. If you hit Judge in the middle of the night with your car, well time to buy a new car. Judge would be fine unless you drove a hummer but a Prius? His workout routine is probably smashing prius with his bare hands. He has always been big but over the years the gentle giant seems to have turned on beast mode in his workout routine. His shoulders are the size of a truck hire and that scares me as we see his injures get bigger. Do we blame the staff or the players? I don’t blame anyone, he is a 6’7 giant given to us by the baseball gods.

When he burst onto the scene in late 2016 he struggled but through that he learned to make adjustments. These adjustments paid off huge when he won rookie of the year in 2017. He should have won MVP, but “Al Booooo Ve”, the glorified ChildBoyBaby stole that too. Al Boo Ve is the size of my legs he is lucky if he can see my nipples. He is so small he doesn’t make the height requirement for rides in kiddy land at amusement parks. This however is an article about a god, not some short loser in Houston.

This god is built on a 6’7 frame, with huge amounts of strength and power. To me he compares best to current teammate Giancarlo Stanton. What happens when two of the biggest muscle mass figures end up playing together? They subcontionaly compete and in that comes more muscle mass. In that comes more issues. He looks huge. Now in 2020, at the age of 27 with free agency looming 4 years away questions must be answered.

In 2017 he was big, now he seems to be even bigger and that is judging off a few pictures and workout routines. His muscle mass has clearly grown and with that have come many injuries. Well we have seen the same with Stanton and as stated they have similar body types and similar injuries. That is an issue for me. Its also not a coincidence. His shoulders to me look jacked in the way that Stanton’s are.

Baseball to me is an agile sport not a power sport. Is power needed yes but the problem was never power and it seems they continue to beast mode on things that are strengths and that is leading to injuries. Stanton had roughly no issues until New York. He has also always been a power guy but again something is not adding up beyond his huge body as to why this continues to happen. Looking through all these pictures, its not even just Stanton and Judge. Mike Ford went from looking like Uncle Mikey the beer league HR champion to a jacked up body builder. He need athleticism over pure strength, strength tightens and we need to be loose.

This time off is a blessing and so might be a shortened season. It feels as it the Yankees and Judge will benefit hugely from this. We have no time table to return and though I pray its in April, May and even June seem very likely. We have a team of body building moose wranglers, but to me we need a balance. DJLM was that balance last year and Andujar, Torres or even Clint may be that this year. If Clint Fraizer can figure out his defense, he instantly becomes a threat. He looks like a ball player and with a more agile body seems to avoid certain injuries that others can’t. To me he is Red Blunder, until he changes both his OF skills and his mindset about them.

All this will factor into the Yankees plans with Judge when he is a free agent at age 31. Perhaps a position change will occur, if the injuries continue so will the doubts that grow. The next four seasons will come with questions and perhaps difficult answers. Perhaps 1st or DH will become a reality for Judge in the not so distant future. Stanton should already be the DH and when we get back, i expect that is more of the case then it was thought to be.

Power is a strength for these two giants and working on a strength as hard as they have may have lead to issues elsewhere. Baseball players are like i said loose and agile. Relying on pure power is a mistake, one that i have seen as both continue to grow physically. Being that big is not normal, its an anomaly and it takes far more care to handle then others.

Why did Stanton seem fine in Miami? Why has he had 6 plus injuries in his 2 years with the Yankees and how can we prevent them? The answer to me is unclear. Maybe overblown and over analysed but the size that makes them a strength to me is also a weakness. Power for us in the mid-late 1990’s, was there but I never felt we were built on it in the way that we are now. Nobody seems jacked, they all felt to be balanced. Slender, lanky, fast, agile and with that came the power. I love this team and I love what they are attempting to do but there are concerns over size and muscle mass for me.

Judge and Stanton are 6’7 tanks and that simply means more maintenance goes into them then say that bum Altuve who can’t see over the steering wheel in a car…. hard to keep tanks healthy which is why a lot of the tanks in the 90s and 00s did so well, steroids kept simple injuries from impacting them. Its too much movement for two guys that big. They break down and that is why I see 1st and DH in the future.

This team is special, and the talent on it is full of potential. I believe we will see that potential shine this year and over the next decade. With a deep farm focused on P and OF, we are in good hands. The Yankees have been special since Judge stole our hearts in 2017. We love him and we need him. With a positive mindset, I hope his size isn’t really an issue. I hope I’m wrong and i hope he leads us to 28! Seeing Judge in any form is special, and this time off should be a huge help in getting him back and fresh.

Perhaps the size issues will me nothing when he gets back. Here’s hoping he crushes the ball in a fierce rage, the likes of which we saw in 2017. One thing is for certain, the Yankees are ready to win it all in 2020!

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