When the world stops together, we all feel the pain. The eerie silence makes almost everything uncomfortable. Everything feels difference, everyone is acting different.

But for me the biggest loss beyond the people getting sick by this virus is the stoppage of sports. All sports. This silence is unbearable. The vibes on twitter negative, the vibes in public are the same.

Sports are an escape, they comfort us, they guide us. Without them life seems bleak and with no real time table, i sit her lost with nothing to do on a friday night at 8:30pm.

Find new interests, no. Make fun of Rodders more, hell yes! But that lasts only a bit of happiness for me.

Its silent, the whole world is silent! Anyone might be infected and the level of fear and announce is real. This silence echos throughout my head as I attempt to find those other interests.

There are no other interests! None. Baseball, cake, annoy Rodders, pie, sports, donuts, movies, cookies.

I have no more interest, I’m a grumpy snarkaturd. I enjoy being left alone with my sports.

Sports guide us, inspire us and when tragic events happen they unite us. We need sports more then has ever been felt then today. In 09, getting used to a college i didn’t like and a year after grandma had passed, the Yankees won the ws. It helped me at least a little.

Sports miracles like miracle on ice are memories that we shall cherish forever.

What happens when we have no choice. We can’t watch sports for the next month because the whole world is sick. That is a huge thing that in a 100 years will be discussed with the Astros cheating scandal.

This feels like a prison term! March sadness into April, “who gives a…. no baseball until half way through!”.

We all feel lost and frankly, i have nothing left to complain about. Be safe and lets hope life gets back to how we know it!

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Two bros talking sports. Born on Jackie Robinson day in 1988, I was destined to love baseball. My passion for sports meets CJs love for stats. This is 27 Down, the perfect podcast for the Perfect game.

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