Weekly Rant!

Nothing is happening but Football news. I have never been so bored in my life to the point that I have very little to rant about. Each week seems slower then the last as if time is actually standing still. As i attempt to find other interests, it just brings me back to the fact that all I love are sports. I need sports. Until you live this prison sentence that we are in you can possibly dream up how bad it really is.

My ps4 is broken and so is my heart. So broken that my rant seems so meaningless. I’ve been so bored that i made a fantasy league just to draft, then i reset it and drafted twice more. Didn’t help still bored. Food has lost its flavor and I will lose it if another person sneezes near me. All we have is NFL free agency and frankly I just don’t care. Glad Brady is gone from the Pats but without baseball, I just dont care.

Here’s what pisses me off! The Mets, I wanted to mock them all year and that good on paper only roster. Now i have to sit and wait hoping baseball will even come back. Will it? Who knows but its been two weeks with no sports and it feels like a life time. The Mets most interesting player is Tim Tebow, other then Tim. I don’t care. I have no faith in that front office to manage a franchise that can go anywhere. They are petty and delusional. Even with all this disdain towards a poorly run franchise, I’d do anything to watch them now.

Life is boring to the point that I have very little to say or complain about. You know something is wrong when I have nothing to rant about. Stay safe, I truly mean that.

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