Lies from above!

We know what the Astros did and we know what Manfred failed to do, but what exactly do we know about the Red Sox scandal? Very little? We had a time frame in which the league and Manfred were going to answer those questions….

Its about to be April and they still haven’t. Though, I understand things have changed with coronavirus and the canceling of spring. What i don’t understand is that the time frame was passed before coronavirus affected it. Its an excuse really. Why has the time table changed. Likely because there is no rush now but two months ago we were a week or two from knowing.

The punishment will be a light one, so perhaps they feel no reason to disclose anything at this moment. I fail to see why its taking so long beyond little excuses that have no good reason. Manshits has lied to us multiple times since becoming commissioner, he bashed his own trophy by calling it a piece of mental. He is a weak leader and a dishonest one. If you give a time frame you make the time frame. Manturds, is by far the biggest loser from all these scandals as he not only let them happen but did nothing when the public and players issued outrage. The only reason Houston had to speak up is because of how blatantly caught they were.

I expect nothing from any of this people in charge. Are we shocked, hell no! Baseball has mishandled all there scandals from the Black Sox to the Assturds! The thing that strikes me most about all this is the fact that the Red Sox are refusing to say they cheated. The Astros admitted it early on. I feel the punishment will be light but imminent. I want to know more in lines of what they did. We know very little, and its very vague. The time frame at this point is concerning because it feels as if Manpoopy refuses to do what he says in the time frame in which he offers. I just want an honest leader who will stand by the game I base my life on.

That person should not be Manđź’©. It should be someone who can put the best product on the field while protecting the game. He should be removed from his role as he is beyond incompetent. The financial aspect means very little to fans, whereas that piece of metal means the world!

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