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Who doesn’t love a good Baseball movie?! Beyond Baseball and history, I spend the rest of my time watching movies and then I like to rant about them. This is the grunttalks staff, top 5 movies to die for. In this article, you will hear from Samantha, Michael and me about some of our favorite baseball films, many of which are on Netflix right now!

Money ball is a pile of crap, that lies to the casual fan about key historical events by changing the timeline. They also failed to mention that the Oakland A’s had a top 3 rotation with a CY young winner and the MVP. Money Ball is likely Manshits, favorite movie. He loves to lie and ruin the game in the way that movie did!

These are feel good movies. In no order, here is Michaels favorite for the GruntTalks top 5.

Sandlot (1993)

If this movie isn’t in your top 5 baseball movies of all times your either too old, too young or dead. This cult classic staring Scottie “Smalls” and his band of very different and uniquely funny friends takes place in the summer of 1962. Aside from some serious Hollywood heavy weights playing some insignificant roles, this movie is all about the kids and “the Beast.”

What made this movie so relatable to me was the kids. We saw a little bit of ourselves in each of these characters. Whether you though you were Benny “the Jet”, Hamilton Porter, Smalls, “Yeah Yeah” the Twins, Squints or any of the other characters you could relate. Being in 5th grade is hard and moving at that age- devastating. So, as you follow along with Scottie as he finds friends, tries to bond with his stepdad, loses an autographed baseball by “the Sultan of Swat” himself and propels Benny into the stuff of legends any kid or adult should enjoy the ride. Plus, as far as baseball movies go you learn a lot of important tips along the way- My favorite being to keep your eye on the ball, literally.

Its good, clean and wholesome fun that is timeless. James Earl Jones makes for a feel-good surprise and no matter how many times I watch this one- it never gets old! Plus, anytime “the Great Bambino” himself makes a guest appearance in a movie- it’s got to be good. So if you haven’t seen this one- watch it. If you have, watch it again. I’ve probably seen this film 100 times and watch it everytime its on.

Through the years they have tried (and failed miserably) to make multiple sequels. Disney Plus is working on a TV series that would feature the original cast- that might be something I could get behind.

Michael #thefoodguy

Stay tuned and stay hungry!

I love the Sandlot and its a great transition for my favorite as a child……….

Angels in the Outfield (1994)

Frankly this is one of the greatest movies period. I am still surprised when I see the kid is Joseph Gordon Levitt, I forget the second i finish watching. This foster kid has a dream of his family being reunited, a dream his shitty dad said would come true if the Angels would make the World Series. I like how realistic it is, as the Angels are always the worst team and need real Angels to save them. Its just a great family movie with an insanely great cast and final message. If you haven’t seen it, i am very much judging you!

Samantha’s pick is in!

For the love of the game (1999)

I watch a lot of movies, some happen to baseball movies and one of my absolute favorites happens to be “For Love of the Game”. Narrated by the iconic Vin Scully, the movie follows Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner) trying to achieve one of the greatest achievements a pitcher can accomplish in his career: A Perfect Game. Naturally, to make it even more dramatic, he’s up against a potent New York Yankees lineup pitching in Yankee Stadium. As an aging pitcher in his final year, dealing with disabling injuries, he’s David vs. the imposing Goliath. All that keeps him calm is his romantic relationship shown through flashbacks. This movie will tug at your heartstrings and you’re with Billy through every pitch. Will he or won’t he attain baseball immortality? You’ll just have to watch the movie to see! 😉

😘 Samantha aka Baseball Chic

A league of there own (1992)

“There’s no crying in baseball”. For many this is the greatest ever made, for me it might also be the greatest cast assembled in a baseball movie. Its gets so much right about one of the more interesting decades in baseball. These were the woman who replaced players like Ted Williams. This was a fantastic finalization of what those women went through during WWII, and who doesn’t love Tom Hanks.

Major league (1985)

Wild thing! Pedro Sarano! Willie Mays Hays! Perhaps the most fun and entertaining movie on this list. I love everything about it. Just a very solid feel good movie with heart. All the characters are entertaining and the plot is interesting enough. Who doesn’t love a fictional story that could be real. Cleveland sucks in all sports, but they have loyal fans and it was fun to see the Indians win something! I could watch this over and over again.

Honorable mentions:


Bang the drum slowly

Trouble with the Curve

Rookie of the Year


Field of Drums sucks and I don’t care if i am the only one willing to say it! This is my article deal with it!

See you next week for top 5 Baseball related songs! GruntTeam out!

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