On the verge of distruction

Its Wednesday, which means its time for my weekly rant. Still no baseball and still as grumpy as ever. I sit her trying to contemplate what my rant may be about. The season remains in question and so does Domingo Germans future.

Frankly, I want this overrated pile of human trash off this team. He had nearly triple the run support that Sonny Gray had during his awful time in NY. German had a over 4 ERA, with some control issues. He was alright but is very much replaceable. Then he hit a woman.

We are the NY Yankees and we stand for class and the prestige that comes with such. We have a stupid hair and facial hair policy for that reason and yet we are okay having a women abuser on this team. We are not the Houston Assturds we actually stand for something.

I disliked German before these issues came out and I really would rather see King, Clarke, Louasiga, and or Monty or German ever again. Do we get baseball back this year? I pray we do. Today is April 1st, with a sad Jackie Robinson day(My Bday) approaching but with no baseball in sight. I am sad. Its the 1st time in decades for me without baseball. That’s uncomfortable!

If we have no baseball, does the German suspension carry over to next year. I don’t think it would but it should. Would have to look at the CBA but I’m sure they would have an issue with such but if no baseball happens, Mookie Betts is a FA without ever playing for the dodgers.

German is straight poop! Hes on the manshits list of turds for me. I talk so much junk on Clint “Red Blunder” Fraizer but I respect him fair more then the turds on the manshits list. Heres the list why not.

The Manshits List of shitheads:




Vanilla Ice




Harvey Weinshits

All the Kardashians but not Bruce

I don’t like them and I don’t care if you do just don’t get mad that i think they are all shitty people. The list is longer but you get the point. I also hate cottage cheese and and people who back into spots in a garage while refusing to move for you a person who parks in 20 seconds!

German you suck and so does your change up! I have nothing left to say about you, just leave my team you bum!

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