Class and Prestige: How the Wave ruined my life!

The New York Yankees have stood for and on a reputation of being class and with an elite prestige factor. That is earned by being the best to ever do it. 27 championships says we are the best!

Do I agree with everything the Yankees stand for, of course not. I hate the corporate bullshit but love the fact that our reputation is accurate concerning those two factors lists above. With that comes responsibility from the players to the fans who live for baseball. Though I disagree with the facial hair policy, I understand why we have it. Its classy to not look like a slob, and to have standards that other teams do not.

If class and prestige is built through that then doing gimmicks as fans to not get bored, goes against everything we stand for. We play each game only because its in the path to the world series. The wave is a joke for casual fans who have no attention span. Go watch football then, each play last 4 seconds!

The Yankees have roll call, that is our wave and its a day good one. The wave is tacky and stupid just like the tomahawk chop. Watched a Braves playoff game and the fans did it almost every at bat for 9 innings. Are you ever watching the game at that point.

Do not do the wave at yankee stadium. You will be laughed at by most and you will be yelled at to sit down. Get your beer and a hot dog and watch the damn game, heckle the assturds do whatever you want but the wave! Fans in the bleachers will destroy you the second that wave reaches us! Try to start the wave at Yankee stadium, see what happens.

We are the New York Yankees, yes that means we are better then any other team in the history of sports. That includes our fans and how we are supposed to act. Many of you are doing it wrong. Baseball is the most complex stat based sport, its literally for smart people. If you complain that it is too long or boring or this or that, then I will assume you are a casual fan. One who does the wave while not caring about the actual game!

The wave has ruined my life and happiness. It puts me in a bad mood while also annoying me because the jackass in front keeps getting up. I’d rather get hit in the face with a beer then be forced to participate in the nonsensical wave. Atleast i just got free beer! How can you get bored at a baseball game? Don’t come then! Stop ruining baseball, you jerkturds!

If you do it when we are losing then I will really go ape shit around you! Baseball and the Yankees are a life style for me and many. We will not allow the tacky ass wave to destroy our love for life!

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