The Assturds and Covid-19

We will never forget!

Covid-19 and Baseball have nothing to do with each other. It was here in 17-19 when the astros cheated the entire world of baseball. It wasn’t here when they lied. Nor was it when Manfred said the trophy was metal. Wasn’t here when the Astros laughed at us. Nor was it when they issued the fake apologies.

Its here now and its being used as an excuse to forgive them when we get back…….

I am here to tell you, HELL NO! I will never forgive nor will I move on and that is no indication that I don’t care about people. Its a full indication that I love my sport and the life i have from it. This is my passion and they destroyed, but want me to move on because of this horrific event.

When we are back to normal, so will my snarky asshat daily rants or would you rather i lie and act fake like the astros and most of their fans. Can’t do it, won’t do it. Won’t even try. Baseball is above most for me and as I’ve stated before I love it more then certainly family members!

I will come back with the same fire I promised to have. I will he back with signs, chants and anger. They will feel my wraith and all fans will see what happens when you cheat this beloved game.

I hope and image that many players will still share this anger. When life gets normal.again, when it comes should the loathing of Houston. This whole thing was handled poorly and I refuse to let the world forget what they did.

You all should refuse too! Be a real fan, not a casual one and separate the tragic events from the game we love. I will never give up, never surrender. Ill do it alone if I have too, what else is new. You all needed to hear this rant and understand more will come if you the fans disappoint in the way the assturds are handled if we get ball back.

I strongly feel that we will have MLB this year. 50-90 games by june 15. I Can’t wait to see the Red Sox punishment, but more importantly can’t wait to see how all of us handle this return to baseball!

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