CTE in baseball: The Ryan Freel tragedy

CTE seems to be something we know very little about. We have seen it mostly in the NFL. It happens due to head injuries and too many conclusions. Years of abuse to the brain. The list of stars who have suffered or might in the future is overwhelming. I love Hockey, slightly below Baseball butContinue reading “CTE in baseball: The Ryan Freel tragedy”

This Week in MLB history April 6th to 10th.

Last week we talked about the 1998 HR mark at 70 set by Mark McGuire and to be honest it was rather boring and slow. Not much happened last week and unfortunately this week might be the same. On top of tragic events that hurt baseball as well as the people who lived it. HereContinue reading “This Week in MLB history April 6th to 10th.”

Class and Prestige: How the Wave ruined my life!

The New York Yankees have stood for and on a reputation of being class and with an elite prestige factor. That is earned by being the best to ever do it. 27 championships says we are the best! Do I agree with everything the Yankees stand for, of course not. I hate the corporate bullshitContinue reading “Class and Prestige: How the Wave ruined my life!”

On the verge of distruction

Its Wednesday, which means its time for my weekly rant. Still no baseball and still as grumpy as ever. I sit her trying to contemplate what my rant may be about. The season remains in question and so does Domingo Germans future. Frankly, I want this overrated pile of human trash off this team. HeContinue reading “On the verge of distruction”

Baseball Movies to die for!

Who doesn’t love a good Baseball movie?! Beyond Baseball and history, I spend the rest of my time watching movies and then I like to rant about them. This is the grunttalks staff, top 5 movies to die for. In this article, you will hear from Samantha, Michael and me about some of our favoriteContinue reading “Baseball Movies to die for!”